1941 indian scout


45" plunger frame sport scout

this is in lesser condition and completeness than #1
mostly proper 41 ss parts
non matching frame and engine

project will need repair/restoration and additional parts

this is a good 641 core project
project includes many good parts
new reproduction parts include
Battery box,floor boards, fork shield, battery tray, horn and tanks

nos- horn back and top tree

decent used 18" 41 wheels cylinders with use left and nice flywheels ect

Bigger items needing attention
the frame is missing castings
the rear frame is welded on , a shock needs casting repair , fork is missing 2 top ears,
# side case snout( drive housing)is broken
and other items should be addressed

NOT titled
sold asis where is

as used antique motorcycle parts
$10,500.00 usd as shown